These Elephants Were Crippled At A Circus And Then Separated, Only To Meet 22 Years Later

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee is a huge property set aside by a private owner for the non-profit rescue of elephants from all over the world. Tourists are not allowed in to gawk at the animals and no research experiments are conducted and it is not a breeding facility. This is a true sanctuary where elephants can go to live their life in peace, the way an elephant should.

This clip show two of the rescued elephants at the sanctuary. Shirley was in her 20s and Jenny was just a calf when they used to work as circus elephants. Both of these majestic animals ended up becoming crippled thanks to some horrific life experiences and being trained to perform tricks involving unnatural physical movements for an elephant. Back in 2000, PBS aired a documentary about these majestic creatures and captured their heart-warming reunion on camera. These old friends were finally reunited after 20 long years. Get your box of tissues ready before you see this clip.

Shirley and Jenny are like family to each other. When they met at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee for the first time in 20 years, they showered each other with all their love and care. Their bonding had withstood the test of time. I think it is true that an elephant never forgets. Unfortunately, Jenny passed away in 2006 from illness and Shirley took it particularly hard. Sanctuary director Carol Buckley says she refused to eat for two days following her best friend’s death.

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