These Elephants Are Orphans. But What This Old Woman Did For Them Will Make You Cry!

Elephants are magnificent and majestic creatures. But unfortunately, some of us fail to understand that. We chase these beautiful animals for ivory and many of them are slaughtered just for their tusks. Although we now have ways of creating man-made materials that are just as beautiful as ivory, elephant ivory has always been sought after.

Some people don’t even understand where it comes from and others do, but just don’t care. They don’t realize an elephant is killed for no reason other than to take its tusks. Because of this poaching, some elephant numbers are reaching dangerously low levels. New solutions are being tried to reduce the number of poachings, such as a special dye that turns the tusks pink and will not wash off.

This video follows the story of an amazing woman named Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick. This 80 year old has dedicated her entire life to raising and rehabilitating orphan elephants and other animals as well. After they reach an appropriate age, these animals are transferred to protected areas where they can get along with other orphan groups and live without danger of being killed for their tusks.

The interaction Daphne has with her elephants is touching and so very beautiful. Along with her husband David Sheldrick , she helped create the Tsavo National Park. She has spent her life fostering elephant orphans in her Kenya home and protecting them from poachers.

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