The elephants are terrified of what’s inside the dangling yellow boxes and it’s saving their lives.

Farmers around the world usually struggle to protect their crops from various animals that ravage them. Maintaining their crops in optimal conditions has been a problem that has made farmers look for alternate ways of achieving this. You are probably familiar with the ‘scarecrow’ method. You know, putting a scarecrow in the middle of the field, so animals think there’s an actual person there and scare them off. There are other animals who don’t mind sharing their eating space with anyone.

Farmers in Kenya have found a way to fight back. Instead of becoming another statistic in the farming world, they have teamed up together and devised a plan. They have found that the way they had been addressing this problem was wrong and there is a need to reassess the problem. One of the problems they have been having been with elephants.

Farmers understand that elephants need to walk through some of their lands at times, but they have been destroying their farms in their process of searching for food. Another thing is that these elephants have been eating some plants that contain poisonous compounds. I understand they need to eat but by doing so, they have been putting themselves in great danger.

Fortunately, there is still a solution that farmers have found which allows both to coexist in perfect harmony. One thing you probably didn’t know is that elephants are terrified of African honey bees. This is something I can relate to because most humans share the same fear. When the farmers realized this, they decided to put these bees to work for them to protect their crops.

This was a win-win situation for the farmers as they would not only be protecting their crops, but they would also be protecting the elephants from consuming potentially dangerous plants. Many other countries have noticed this and have decided to implement these measures. By using the animal’s natural fears, they will also be balancing the ecosystem by not introducing outside agents. This program is known as the Elephants and Bees Project.

The elephants leave the area once they hear the buzzing of the bees. They also send off warning signs to their friends and loved ones to help them avoid these dangers. If you would like to know more about this amazing initiative and the awesome work these farmers do in Kenya, then be sure to check out the video below.