Elizabeth Laird, The Hug Lady, Went To Heaven On Christmas Eve. Many Feel The Sadness.

We originally ran this story in May, 2014, but we’ve reprinted it today in honor of Elizabeth Laird, who passed away on December 24, 2015. We felt she should be remembered by her monumental acts of kindness so we decided to republish this story rather than run a traditional obituary. Thank you, Elizabeth Laird! We’ll always remember your kindness.

If civilians ever receive medals, this woman’s name should be at the top of the list. Her name is Elizabeth Laird, but to the soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas, she’s “The Hug Lady.” And boy has she earned that nickname!

For over 10 years, Ms. Laird has made sure that every single soldier leaving from Ft. Hood and coming back home has gotten a warm hug. It’s a hat’s off, a “good luck,” a much needed and deserved show of gratitude and respect. And it’s amazing how something so simple can touch even the bravest and strongest of humans.

I love what one of the men told her: “You’re the last person I hugged when I left, and the first one I hugged when I came back.” For men and women putting themselves in harm’s way, “The Hug Lady” is truly a blessing. These service men and women sacrifice so much to protect our country, and I don’t think anyone is more deserving of a hug than they are.

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