Elizabeth South Sings ‘Where Are You Christmas,’ So Good That You’ll Think It’s The Original

An Elizabeth South Cover of the Faith Hill Song ‘Where Are You Christmas’Christmas is indeed everywhere if you care, just as this Christmas song foretells, but with the help of this amazing rendition, it’ll be even easier to raise everyone to a spirit of goodness & holiday cheers. Elizabeth South’s cover of ‘Where Are You Christmas’ by Faith Hill is so good that you’d swear the song was written for her.

You won’t help able to help yourself from singing along to this beautiful rendition of a timeless Christmas classic. It’s a good thing the video has all the lyrics too! With pristine delivery and power that’ll move the coldest heart, Elizabeth inspires us all to immerse ourselves in the feeling of joy and togetherness that comes with this hallowed season.

Faith Hill could never have expected that her song ‘Where Are You Christmas’ would ever have been recreated into a beautiful ballad like this. Don’t miss the musical perfection of the upcoming star Elizabeth South, as she sings one of the most heartwarming songs you’ll hear during this holiday season – a cover that could easily become the season’s favorite.