Ellen Called A 3 Yr Old Gymnast To Perform On Her Show. But Watch When The Girl Steps On The Trampoline!

When we talk about kids it’s hard to adequately describe them. They are such sweet hearts and they say some of the craziest things that it’s hard to really do them justice when we are asked to describe them. Whether we can describe them or not it’s easy for us to say that we love them.

Children truly are the bright spot in our world. There are so many negative things going on all the time in the world that it is nice that when we are around a child that we can forget all that for a little while and just enjoy our time with them.

While all children are special, obviously, there are a few who really do stand out to us. They stand out to us for many different reasons but this one little girl featured in this video it is easy to see why.

In this video you will meet Emma. Emma is a three year old little girl who is obsessed with gymnastics and who has a natural talent for them. She is so talented that she was actually asked to go on the Ellen show and perform. That is what this video is, Emma showing the world how much talent she has. There is no doubt in our minds that we will be seeing this little girl again one day.

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