Ellen Called A 3 Yr Old Gymnast On Her Show, But Watch When The Girl Steps On The Trampoline!

Many children all around the world have unbelievable talent. All of us love to know about these young prodigies. You are never too young to do something extraordinary. Just take a look this adorable three-year-old featured in the video below. This little girl is named Emma and she is just a toddler, but she has been doing gymnastics for six months! You won’t believe how athletic and talented she is.

When Ellen DeGeneres found out about her, she invited the little girl to be on her show. Wait till you see what she did on the show though! Everyone including Ellen was left speechless! The little girl started her routine on a high bar and ended it on a trampoline. You are going to be in awe when you see her amazing backflips! What a great little kid!

The most amazing part of this performance, in my opinion, is that the composure and confidence this little girl has developed already, even though she’s only three years old. She doesn’t even seem nervous. Perhaps the gymnastics helped her to develop this confidence at such a young age.

Ellen DeGeneres has a way of finding unique talent all over the world and bringing it to light on her show. I think she really succeeded with this little girl. Ellen isn’t often at a loss for words, but I think she actually had to recover a bit after watching this tiny athlete.

Watch this impressive little girl below! Isn’t she amazing? Don’t forget to share what you thought about her in the comments!

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