Ellen Said What She’s Giving Them And They Thought It Was A Joke. Seconds Later? They’re All Crying!

As you know, Ellen loves giving her loyal fans huge gifts that completely rock their world.

But when Ellen gave the Conway family a brand-new car, they decided to pay it forward and help other people in need by donating their old one. Because of their generosity, Ellen has another surprise in store for this family. When Susie Conway was first on Ellen’s show in November 2013, she won a car. The family decided to donate it and pay the goodwill forward.

But Ellen wasn’t done yet. Just a few weeks later, Ellen called up Susie and invited her back on the show. This time she brought her whole family and Ellen asked them to come on stage. However, the Conways have fallen onto hard times. In 2008, both parents lost their jobs during the recession. Since then, the father was laid off and has been desperately searching for work.

During the family’s time on Ellen’s show, they share a video that her daughter helped make that shows how much she appreciates her mom. But then it is revealed that the family is having huge financial problems and their house is falling into disrepair.

But when Ellen reveals her surprise for the family, it is “mind blowing.” They don’t know how to react to the spectacular news.

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