Ellen Surprises This Woman Who Just Got Hearing Back!

Sarah Churman is a mom, wife and she was also born deaf. So when an implant came on the market that could restore her hearing, Sarah’s mother-in-law jumped at the chance to provide her with the new technology, even if that meant cashing out her retirement fund.

The surgery to fit one ear with the implant was a huge success and Sarah could hear again in that ear. When Ellen DeGeneres got word of her story, she invited Sarah, her husband and her mother-in-law onto the show for an interview. They had no idea what Ellen had in store for them!

Ellen listened as Sarah shared her story with the audience. She explained that she was getting used to the sounds of her children playing, her husband’s snoring and the things we take for granted, like rain and thunder. Then Ellen told Sarah the good news – not only is she getting the procedure on the other ear for free, but Sarah’s mother-in-law will get the $30,000 back for the first surgery. Sarah will be able to hear every little sound perfectly and her mother-in-law will retire comfortably just like she dreamed!

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