Boy with HUGE voice dazzles BGT judges with ‘Cry Me A River’

Ellis Chick

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ witnessed the birth of a new star this season as Ellis Chick took the stage a second time in the semi-finals of the talent contest show.

Ellis Chick

During his second performance, Ellis wore a beautifully tailored tuxedo with bedazzled lapels and jacket cuffs. His gelled spiky hair and big smile exuded confidence when he walked on the stage.

Ellis chose Julie London’s standard, “Cry Me a River,” as his piece for the night. From the first word, Ellis’s huge voice boomed into the microphone, and he sang with a strong voice throughout the performance.

Ellis Chick

All four judges gave Ellis kudos for his superb rendition at the end of his performance. They complimented his stage presence and told him he was born to entertain.

Alesha Dixon had the challenging task of critiquing Ellis first. Though she noted his confidence and big voice, she also commented on his lack of range since he began the song at such a loud volume and ended about the same place.

Ellis Chick

However, Amanda Holden agreed with Dixon. Both women feel Ellis can work on his delivery in building a song to a crescendo in the future.

Surprisingly, Simon Cowell came to Ellis’ aid and reminded everyone that Ellis is only twelve years old, implying that technique will come with practice and experience.

Finishing up the response, comedian David Walliams, who Cowell joked looks like Ellis, said more of the same. He believes in Ellis and knows he will go far as an entertainer. Everyone applauded, and Ellis moved forward in pursuing his singing dreams.

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Boy with HUGE voice dazzles BGT judges with \'Cry Me A River\'