This Elusive Jungle Creature Who Fooled Scientists For Decades Is Finally Caught On Film

From childhood onward, we tend to hold certain animals very close to our hearts. Elephants, whales, lions, and tigers are only some of the creatures that often leave us stunned by their majesty and beauty. Some animals, though, are so rarely spotted that many of us don’t even know they exist. That was the case with Borneo’s bay cats, who have always remained unseen…until now.

It’s incredible that this bay cat was spotted at all, but it turns out this particular creature is unique even among its own kind! Of a rare and endangered breed, this already-hard-to-spot cat was found 40 miles outside of its native area. With less than 2,500 of these bay cats residing in the rainforests of Borneo, their population is expected to drop up to 20% in the next few years due to their habitat being threatened.

Bay cats usually have warmer-toned, brownish fur and white streaks in their tails. The cat caught on camera was darker, making him an even more unique find. With this species being nocturnal, solitary, and endangered, encountering one like this in broad daylight makes for quite a remarkable discovery.

It took 50 camera traps in 28 locations, placed by scientists from Muhammadabad University of Palangkaraya, Oxford Brookes University, and the University of Exeter, in Central Kalimantan in the Rungan region of Borneo. After nearly a month, the beautiful creature was finally captured on film, though his exact location isn’t being revealed in order to maintain his safety.

Watch the video to see this incredible mammal in action. You’re not going to want to miss your chance to see such a unique creature! It took a lot of effort for scientists to come across this jungle cat. Hopefully the research being done on these magnificent animals is enough to help maintain their survival! Spread awareness by sharing this post with your friends and letting us know your thoughts!