Elvis The Pitbull Is Having A Temper Tantrum! Watch His Hilarious Reaction, You’ll Crack Up!

Parents and kids live in a constant state of conflict, especially as children progress into adolescence. This is normal and it’s only natural that as kids grow their opinions don’t coincide with what mom and dad want for them. They should be allowed to stand up for what they believe in and a feeling of independence should always be fostered. This holds true for all species that populate this earth.

The following adorable video features Mama bulldog Patches and her stubborn puppy, aptly named Elvis. The little one was born with a deformity, cleft lip, due to this he had to be bottle-fed for the first few months of his life. However this didn’t stop Elvis from growing into super happy, hyper, strong and active puppy. He is definitely challenging the world in his fight to prove that he is a big boy.

Mom tries to get Elvis to move in the direction she wants to go pushing the puppy gently. The rebellious puppy throws a hilarious tantrum that is a bit endearing to watch. It is clear that he wants nothing to do with what mom wants.

Perhaps you’ll be reminded of your adolescence when watching this clip and have a good laugh at this puppy’s expense!

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