Elvis Presley Sings LIVE With Martina McBride! How’d They Do This? You Won’t Believe It!

Technology has advanced our society to a great height. It may have its advantages and disadvantages, but there is no denying the fact that technology has indeed made our live a lot easier. It has also provided us with so many entertainment options that we didn’t have before. You will see one of the miracles of technology in this clip. This time around, it has helped in the unification two different eras!

By the help of modern technology, we can now listen to The King Of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley, sing a duet with the “Celine Dion Of Country Music,” Martina McBride. In 2008, Martina McBride recorded an electronically produced duet with the legendary Elvis, performing his song ‘Blue Christmas’. She was digitally included into footage of Elvis performing “Blue Christmas” on his 1968 Christmas special.

When you see Martina McBride digitally imposed into Elvis’ older video, you won’t believe your eyes. It’s hard to believe that these two people can sing together, but with the help of technology, they can. This is a beautiful rendition of this classic Christmas song with two talented artists, one living and one living in our memories.

“Blue Christmas” brings back many memories from my childhood as we listened to the radio around Christmas time. My father loved Elvis, and every time they played this song, the made us all be quiet. I’m sure he would love this rendition as well.

Watch this beautiful singing by this duo below! Tell us how you felt about this video in the comments!

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