Elvis Presley’s Rendition Of “How Great Thou Art” Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Heard Before

Elvis Presley was a true genius when it came to show business and performing, partly because he just did what he loved and just had to be himself while doing it. He was an amazing singer and an ever better performer who loved his fans and lived life to the fullest. I have heard many people say that there will never be anyone like him again and I agree. Even though he was known as The King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis still loved gospel music. It was one of his early musical influences when he was growing up in Tupelo, Mississippi. His passion for gospel can be seen in this video and it proves he was versatile and not only a rock-n-roll genius.

“How Great Thou Art” has been one of my favorite classic hymns for a long time. The way Elvis sang it made it even better. His performance managed to enthrall his audience back in the day, and it still enthralls many now. Elvis won three of his Grammy Awards for gospel recordings and they were well deserved. The emotion and the passion he puts in his songs is truly hard to miss. I’m sure you will hear not only his emotion in this song, but his talent and soul as well.

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