Emergency Veterinarian Saves Fawn’s Life. What Happened Next Flabbergasted Me.

It’s got to be tough for a vet to have an animal brought at the brink of death. Like any regular emergency room medical personnel, losing a patient is a part of the job, sadly. They invest themselves into each opportunity, but they can’t save everyone. But sometimes, like the case with Dr. Melanie Butera and a very sick newborn fawn, saving them can open the door to a whole new life for both.

Dillie had been rejected by her mother and it looked like she was going to die. Butera was able to nurse her back to health. She didn’t expect this fawn to worm her way into their lives. She imprinted on them and is now a part of their family. Even her husband adores the deer. This also happened when the vet was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Dillie’s love helped her fight through it. This has created an unbreakable bond between all three of them.

How much has Dillie become a part of their lives? She has her own room in their house. As humorist Dave Barry is fond of saying: I am not making this up. There’s a bed for her and everything. Dillie makes her way up and down the stairs daily on her thin legs. It’s adorable to see her resting on her bed, tongue sticking out a bit sideways, like a dog. At this point, she may even think she’s a dog..

The Buteras bring her leaves and other foods, but the only deviation I saw was Dillie eating a lollipop. Then again, I’m not the veterinarian with decades of experience with animals. If Butera says that’s OK, then who am I to argue? She even wrote a book about her experience with Dillie. I think some higher power may have brought this tiny fawn into their lives to help prepare her for her own struggle.

This fawn is ADORABLE! I don’t think my wife would like me bringing one home, though. What would you do in this situation? We want to hear your thoughts!

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