Emotional Christmas ad from John Lewis pulls on the heartstrings

Many things can signal the holiday season. Decorated stores and homes and Christmas songs on the radio all remind us that December 25th is getting closer. Another staple of the holiday season in the United Kingdom is the ‘John Lewis Christmas Ad.’

The commercial titled, ‘The Beginner,’ shows a foster dad’s painful process of learning to skateboard. He’s doing it all to make teenage girl Ellie feel welcome in his home at Christmas.

The ad aims to raise awareness, saying, ‘Over 108,000 children in the UK are in the care system.’ In the commercial, the foster dad takes some tumbles off the skateboard while his wife looks amused at his efforts.

If you are watching the video, you don’t realize why he is suffering to learn the skateboard until there’s a knock at their front door. Ellie, a young teen with a skateboard in her hand, is standing with a social worker.

The foster dad says he likes to skate too, and suddenly you realize what all his efforts were for. That’s when you may start shedding a tear. The John Lewis group has pledged to support the cause long-term.

Customers can buy items from the ad to help raise money for the cause, including the dad’s skateboard. The featured song on the commercial is ‘Blink 182’s’ hit tune ‘All the Small Things’ covered by Mike Geier.

It is a heartfelt commercial that impacts the viewer and resonates with emotion. The thought of kids who are struggling during the holidays certainly makes everyone want to help in any way possible.

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Emotional Christmas ad from John Lewis pulls on the heartstrings