68-year-old’s emotional rendition of ‘Wonderful World’ on The Voice Senior stirs even the strong

Steve Yocum

Steve Yocum, 68, delivered a stellar performance using a trombone and his powerful voice on The Voice Senior Holland. The talented contestant performed ‘Wonderful World’ and evoked strong emotions from the audience and judges alike.

More than 50 years after the three-time Grammy winner Louis Armstrong released this touching song. Today, if sung by the correct person, it still can stir emotions amongst old and young, and Steve Yocum is that person.

In the video, he does something different from other contestants. He starts off by showcasing his trombone skills by playing the intro to the song. The New Yorker started playing the trombone when he was 8 years old.

Steve Yocum

After he finishes his trombone intro, he lowers the instruments and starts to sing. His powerful voice carries the emotions seamlessly forward from his impressive trombone solo.

Eyes water up in the audience as Steve continues the song with his strong baritone voice. The camera pans over one of the judges, who is seen singing cheerfully along with Steve. Everybody present seems enticed by his performance.

The New Yorker had such a significant impact on the Dutch audience and judges that everyone stood up as one to applaud him in the end. Comments from emotionally touched viewers are streaming in, commending the excellent performance.

One fan, Menghoung Theng wrote: ‘I don’t know why but his voice makes me want to cry. It touches me so deeply.’ Louis Armstrong would’ve been proud of this beautiful rendition of his legendary song.

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