Endearing Bulldog Puppy Attempts A Huge Hurdle. First Time Going Downstairs, How Adorable!

It’s not easy learning how to do something. Hopefully our parents will be there to cheer us on and show us how it’s done. After we’ve seen them attempt the feat themselves, and learned the secrets behind it, we can hope to have the dedication, motivation, and proper support to conquer the task at hand. Hopefully with enough time, we can reach a level of mastery and our parents will no longer have to worry about us. Sometimes it can be frustrating trying to learn a new skill, habit, or action. Doing something the first time around can be remembered fondly or be met with memories of bad feelings, harsh criticism and even phobias.

Yet when it comes to puppies, it’s hard to see it from their point of view all the time. A lot of things look so much bigger than we take them for. Such as swimming for the first time, learning how to fetch, sitting down, rolling over, or even walking. When we come face to face with one precious bulldog puppy and parent they are at the top of the stairs. I’m sure it took them some time to get there. However, going down? The reaction from the small baby bulldog is just priceless, almost as if to say “what do you mean I’m supposed to climb down? It’s a mountain.” The precious little pooch certainly looks confused. Yet, when you see the conclusion? You’ll be smiling wide for the entire rest of the day, no way you won’t be.

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