An Endearing Golden Retriever Gets Into A Pickle When Arguing About His Bed Time. Darling!

Bed time is a time of relaxation and rest for more than one party. It is important to get rest, to sleep and make sure that you get plenty of restful sleep. It’s important because it helps the body regenerate for one and it can ease your mind of many different problems that don’t really have a solution or answer in the waking world. It’s a way of coping with all the extraneous stimuli we have now-a-days. From billboards that flash many different colors, to the constant and always available screens putting someone’s advertising right in our line of sight. It’s a crazy world, but it’s important to get your rest, that way you can process all the things while you were awake.

When it comes to one preciously squeezable darling dog, he has another thought on the matter. He refuses bed time and still wants to play. It’s not quite the time where this young pup is tired. He is still beaming with energy and full of the play that most see only in puppies. Yet, it’s that time. His parents try to tell him that it’s time for bed, but he simply refuses, almost on the verges of a temper tantrum. It can be something extremely frustrating when you are going out of your way to ensure someone you care about gets the healthy and proper amount of sleep. Yet, when you see the reaction this young pup has, it’ll blow your mind with how cute he is!

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