Energetic guy attracts everyone to dance inside a shopping mall

Energetic guy dances inside a shopping mall

Many say that dancing is a form of art where you can casually release your stress and showcase your innermost thoughts. While others think of it as a way of living and earning.

But regardless of which definition you agree with, one thing is sure, dancing should always be a source of excitement, happiness, and fun. I mean, it’s tough to dance when you are not happy.

In Germany, a Youtuber named JustSomeMotion has partnered with an investment company called Deka. Their production has created a one-of-a-kind dance video of all time.

Energetic guy dances inside a shopping mall

You can see that JustSomeMotion was dancing all the way to a shopping mall. His moves were so intense that many couldn’t help but notice his visible performance.

Not long after, everyone he bumps into suddenly feels the urge to dance as if they were infected by some dance disease. They simply can’t help but join the Youtuber on his dancing performance.

Aside from his energy, you can also see how cheerful and happy this guy is while performing those one-of-a-kind dance moves.

This guy has proven to us that indeed dancing is a good source of energy and joy that can refresh us every single day. Hopefully, we can bump into him soon.

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