When This Energetic Puppy Sees His Owner, I Could Not Have Guessed He Would React This Way, Did You? How Embarrassing!

In this doggy day care in Asia, there is a huge star developing brightly on the horizon. The funniest, furriest star left by his pop to the experience the benefit of socializing with other dogs. This amazing charismatic dog blows me away every time.

This tiny little guy has been jailed in this plastic pen for what seems like eons and eons. He rapidly paces back and forth, and then carefully stands up on his petite hind legs to look over the tall gate. This is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen. This dog is just so adorable; he is such a little professional!

As this perplexed curly coated ball of love works wonders around him, he is absent-minded to all around him. His mind is fixated on his kind and loving mother returning. Abruptly the little dog’s ears perk up. The sounds of mom’s feminine voice echo from around the corner. He rushes to the gate and waits until he sees her.

Immediately filled with joy at the sight of his dear mom, this little dog just cannot contain it all. He loses it and starts to hop. Gradually the precocious puppy is vertical. He stares lovingly at his mom. Workers at the doggy day care look on with the greatest sense of amusement.

Up he goes on his curly little hind legs, the hounds overwhelming joy helps him maintain this superb balance. He does not stumble at all and when she calls out, this little guy has quite the spectacle. Such precise timing it almost seems rehearsed. I nearly lost it; my sides were absolutely killing me!

This adorable little brown-coated angel must really love his mom. In fact, it is apparent at this point. He just keeps shaking those little hips! His reaction when the first parted was so sad. This cute dog cannot be for real though…right? There is just no possible way. This is just too amazing of a feat. We would love to hear from you down in the comments below!

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