Enraged cockatoo is told to go back to her cage and throws an expletive-filled tantrum

Although their plumage isn’t very colorful, cockatoos are in fact at a type of parrot. Like other parrots, cockatoos are very social and very noisy. Out in the wild, cockatoos use their loud, harsh voices to warn others about danger, express their moods, and for general social purposes. They’re highly intelligent birds and are capable of solving surprisingly complex logical puzzles. Like many other parrots, cockatoos have an incredible ability to mimic sounds, whether from their natural surroundings, radios or televisions, and most spectacularly, they have an uncanny ability to imitate human speech. They can easily live to see their 70th birthday, so keeping a cockatoo as a pet is a major long-term commitment. However, for the right person, these brainy birds with their colorful personalities can be wonderful companions. As you’ll see shortly, a cockatoo can pick up quite a vocabulary.

So now it’s time to meet Pebble. She’s a salmon crested cockatoo who has lived in 10 different homes in the last 20 years. This is far from ideal: cockatoos crave long-term relationships. It could be that this has given her a slightly bad attitude. Anyhow, Pebble managed to figure out how to get out of her cage and was refusing to obey her human parent’s orders to get back in. The headstrong cockatoo talks an epic blue streak. You may not want the kids in the room when you watch this one!

But as you’ll see in the video posted below, Pebble’s profane rant is outrageously funny. We aren’t sure we really want to know how this cockatoo picked up such foul language.

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