Enthusiastic Baby Elephant Spends the Day with Adopted New Herd

Khanyisa is an orphaned albino elephant. She was found abandoned with a snare wrapped around her head. HERD Elephant Orphanage South Africa took her in and nursed her back to health. Today she is going to spend the day with her new herd.

The handler has Khanyisa wrapped in double blankets because it is a chilly morning, and he wants to keep her warm. A little later, when he takes them off, she gently head-butts him and tries to whack him with her truck, as if to say, “Give me my blanky back!”

Then she sees the other handler and walks very quickly while flapping her adorably large ears. She knows she gets to meet the herd today and takes off through the fences toward them. She immediately follows one of the female elephants, Lundi, staying either beside or behind her.

The elephants spend all day foraging. One of the handlers gives Khanyisa her bottle, while Lundi and the matriarch of the herd stand nearby. When Khanyisa finishes the bottle, she latches onto Lundi; even though she does not produce any milk, it gives the calf emotional comfort. A rainbow sits in the sky as the elephant’s day ends.