The Entire Memory Of This Darling Puppy, Being A Bit Too Wound Up, Is Absolutely Precious!

It’s hard to get others to calm down. It’s just a part of their biological make up. Although, there seem to be more times that show ingestion of caffeine can lead to someone being quite excitable, chatty, or high strung. Being wound up isn’t always bad, though must take it as an inability to control oneself. While there are many instances that can indicate anywhere on the spectrum of “hyper” or “wound up” or “excitable,” it seems that one preciously small dog is just beaming with the energy of 1000 suns.

When we first meet Norbert, he looks like he’s about ready to jump out of his fur, he is so excited. The caption reads, “when you have too much coffee,” and we see the example we all knew was waiting.

He is an amazingly tiny dog, with bunny like features that seem to really set him apart from most. He is ready for anything and ready to play at a moment’s notice. After quick an excessive amount of running around and bracing himself for the inevitable intervention from his loving parents. However, the intervention never comes. After not too long, bolting here and there, the small, white dog finds himself not only out of breath but also tired.

Like the energizer bunny darting back and forth in an effort to play, the little guy certainly has quite the personality on him. Once he tires himself out, he has the most adorable little face. He was so excited and preciously prepared for anything.

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