An Entire Neighbourhood Puts On A Spectacular, Must-See Christmas Light Show

Everyone loves a good Christmas light show, and this neighbourhood you will see in the clip is no exception, except that its display is spectacular in every sense of the word. This isn’t just one house in the neighbourhood putting on an amazing light show, it is every house in the neighbourhood working together to create an incredible light show that covers several streets.  Every house on Jeff Maxey’s street joined together to set their displays and street lights to go off in unison with music and in this clip, the entire show is recorded by a drone.

This all started when Jeff felt that a single display was not good enough. Perhaps he had seen Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation too many times and just got inspired. What’s truly amazing is that he inspired all of his neighbours to get involved too. Jeff got his entire neighbourhood block to let him set up this fantastic Christmas light show and record it with his drone. A musical compilation of orchestral Christmas music really sets the tone for the show.

You know the future has truly arrived when you watch a drone film a neighbourhood Christmas lights display. I, for one, believe this is an excellent use of technology, especially for the Christmas season. Nice job, Jeff!

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