Entrancing cat meets new best friend. Four-month-old who won over his heart- too adorable.

Babies will always have a special place in our hearts. They are the next generation. The ones who will carry the baton after we leave this mortal coil. Yet, no matter how many times we see the innocence of a young baby, we find ourselves amazed time and time again. When they first interact with pets or friends, the reactions can be mixed. Most pet tend to treat them as a little one of their own. They usually don’t swat, and are very kind, gentle and patient with the newborns that garner not only so much of our attention, but also our love.

Cats on the other hand may be a bit aggressive as little kittens. They think everyone has skin like they do, adapted to be tough for the sake of the claws that hook into their brothers and sisters. It’s a way of playing that may be aggressive to us, but their bodies are made specifically for the play. They tend to have a much tougher skin, that when mama or other kittens play and hook onto, it doesn’t tear. This is just one of the many differences between kittens and human babies.

Yet when these two bundles of cuteness come face to face? The reaction is amazingly cute. They play with each other like old and young normally do- a little bit of hesitation, trying to gauge where they both are and what they can handle. A touch of gentleness is essential when dealing with someone younger and less apt. This cat certainly has one of those personalities that says “I’m ready for my close up.”

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