This Epic Baby Bump Progression Became Viral Hit!

This cute looking couple found out, to their immense joy, that they were going to be parents! After 13 years of marriage, this Christian couple discovered that they were going to be blessed with a child and they were absolutely over the moon about it. Guess how they recorded the pregnancy?

Having their own popular YouTube channel, the Farris and Jimmy show, which already had millions of views, made it a good platform for what they had in mind. Although many pregnancy progression videos or time lapse videos have been created, what made this so popular was the simplicity of it. Pregnancy is a huge blessing – a woman has another human that will be developing and growing within her own body. This is the miracle of life.

Jimmy captured Farris’s ever growing baby bump, documenting it as the weeks went by. Farris measured her baby bump – from when it was as flat as a washboard, to when the baby looked like it was about to pop out. The ending scene also has Farris holding her new born baby in her arms which culminates the adorable home video. Dressed in her bikini from start to finish, this video has resonated with millions of viewers from all over the globe.

It is the simplicity of the video that has drawn viewers by the millions to this video. Perhaps it is the beauty of the mother, the charm of the blissfully wedded couple or the frame by frame documentation of Farris’ pregnancy. Viewers get to see how a woman’s body gradually changes in the course of pregnancy and bear witness to the miracle of birth, from Week 4 to Week 40 when their daughter Shane is born.

The amazing transformation of her body back to her before pregnancy shape also inspires people to watch the duo’s YouTube channel. Many viewers and commenters identify with the video and say it reminds them of the journey with their own little ones.

What did you think of the video? Have you watched it yet? I was touched by that feeling of family bliss and couple happiness that exuded from the makers of video – also the end where you can almost feel the mother’s pride and joy in her new born child really moved me. What did you feel? Send us your thoughts in the section below.

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