Equestrian takes her horses on a trip and goes grass skiing

Equestrian grass skiing

Under the clear blue and sunny skies, Emma Massingale has taken her horses out on a trip to a beautiful flat field. There is no rain which makes it a perfect day to go skiing.

She doesn’t mean to go skiing in a typical way, and there is no snow, of course. With the help of a horse, Emma is able to ski on the grass.

Today she brought Claude, Sebastian, and Evenos to roam around the field. She wants to let them have fun and see what they are like when they are pulling her around.

Equestrian grass skiing

First up was Sebastian, a 3-year-old pony from Sweden. It was his first time out, and she had no expectations from him. She wants him to get used to being out and around wild ponies.

Sebastian pleasantly surprises her by pulling her quickly across the field. Claude, the 5-year-old pony, can run fast with her as well. Emma mentions how Sebastian is more naturally confident than Claude.

The final horse to pull her is Evenos, an 8-year-old. He is big, strong, and white. Starting off slow, he trots along the field. Then he picks up speed and pulls Emma effortlessly.

Evenos definitely had the easiest time pulling her since he is naturally powerful. Overall it was an excellent time for her and all the horses.

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