Eric The Cockatoo Gets Broccoli Added To His Diet. His Reaction Made Me Crack Up Laughing.

There’s one thing that I’ve always wondered – why do the vast majority of foods that are supposed to be “good” for us have the texture and taste of cardboard? A boyfriend of my mother-in-law once brought his healthy chicken to a party. Nobody ate it, since it was the most bland thing we’ve ever eaten… not even slathering it with ketchup could save it. This video here shows a bird here getting something else that many people don’t like to eat.

We see a cockatoo named Eric. His mommy, who speaks in what sounds like a Scottish accent, says that he needs to eat more broccoli. I’m not a fan of broccoli myself, but I have made myself eat it from time to time. Hey, it’s a cruciferous vegetable, which some circles of medicine think has a lot of wonderful nutrients in it. This is supposed to make Eric a lot healthier. How’s he going to react?

Eric is NOT having it with the broccoli. His mommy tries for three takes on video to get him to eat some. The first two times, he just grabs the bowl, carries it to the side of the counter and flings it off with a force that I would not have thought him capable of. This Cockatoo seems to be in an anti-broccoli mood. The third take, he rips some of it apart and it looks like he might eat some… but then he proceeds to knock them all off and the bowl too. Well, then…

His mommy says that he usually loves it. Perhaps he woke on the wrong side of the cage that day. Who knows? Whatever the case, he’s definitely not in the mood for it that day. Maybe it was because the camera was on him – I saw another video where he was flinging coins around the counter. Perhaps that’s what set him off – the camera brings out the worst in him. In that case, he should have his own reality show.

I was more of a “hide the food I don’t like under something else” kind of eater. How about you? Do you like broccoli? We’d love to hear any thoughts or recipes you may have in the comments section. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook!

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