41 Years Later, “Hopelessly Devoted to You” Is Still the Greatest Love Song of All Time

It’s been 40 years since the Grease’ ‘movie and even longer since we’ve lived “those days” of the ’50s. Relive Grease and all those magical songs including this beautiful love ballad sung by Olivia Newton-John. Step aside Dirty Dancing; it’s time to put a little Grease on the jukebox.

Where were you when you first saw this hit movie? Maybe you first saw it in a movie theater or on TV. Maybe you saw the live stage version. Or perhaps you’re old enough to remember the real ’50s. No matter how it happened for you, nothing captures the fashion, the music, and the cool of this Great American era like Grease.


It’s 1959 in sunny California. In this scene from the original motion picture, John Travolta’s “Danny” has just been a real jerk to innocent exchange student “Sandy” played by Olivia. Her girlfriends invite her to a sleepover to help her drown her sorrows. They teach her to smoke, give her her first glass of wine, and even try piercing her ears. But despite Danny’s rude treatment earlier, Sandy simply can’t get him off her mind.

She steps out onto the porch alone to croon this heartbreaking love song. The twangy Hawaiian guitar at the intro strikes the perfect chord, evoking beach music and a sad country song all at once. “Guess mine is not the first heart broken, my eyes are not the first to cry,” go the opening lines.


“Beautiful love song which describes very well how we feel when we fall in love and are young,” commented one nostalgic viewer. “When we are young, we are not used to the feelings we have and feel overpowered by them at times. And we don’t know what to do with those feelings or even with our lives. It is a time of growing up, of getting to know ourselves, and how to manage those deep feelings which then are so new to us and so unlike what we have felt before.”

Are you hearing the melody in your mind and swaying along yet? We’ve all had our hearts broken, especially at that young and tender age, and the lyrics capture the feeling perfectly. This one will really take you back. It’s no wonder this video has gotten over 1.5 million views.


“I love her nightgown, it’s so symbolic of her purity and innocence,” commented another adoring fan. Even this young viewer totally gets the song. “Brings back memories of when I was younger, and I would stand on my front steps singing this pretending I was Sandy. OMG, the nostalgia. Fifteen years old and already miss being a kid.”

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