Even Simon thinks this young doctor can win the competition. Suddenly, this happens!

I have gotten to see some very incredible performances on America’s Got Talent. Several of them stick out in my mind because of their story and incredible talent. The very first one that I saw, was from a singing group called ‘Forte’. These were young guys who had come together in the most unusual of circumstances.

They were from various parts of the world, one of them was from South Korea, another one was from Puerto Rico and the last one was from New York. They had met online where they talked about their passion for singing. Even though they were far away, they all had this idea of attending one of America’s Got Talent auditions.

So, as easy as that, they packed their bags and took the next flight. Once they met at the airport is when they started to plan how they would go about it. They agreed that they would do it as a group and that they would call their group ‘Forte’. Now, usually singing groups start rehearsing for at least a few months before the competition, and they only had a couple of weeks.

They rehearsed as much as they could and then got ready for the big audition. In fact, the competition would be the first time ever that they would be singing together as a group in front of a crowd. So, when they got on the stage and told the judges their story, everyone started to think that this was going to turn out in disaster. I have seen so many groups and duets that come together to make the dream of singing in front of the audience true, only to end up with broken dreams.

Even people in the crowd, who are usually very supportive, thought they were going to have one of those auditions where they were going to wish for everything to be over before it started. Anyway, the group started singing and they blew everyone away with their spectacular tenor voices. That audition remains to this day, one of the best I have ever heard.

There are other stories that are wonderful to tell, not only for their talent but because of what may have been. One such story is the story of Brandon Rogers. He was a doctor from Virginia who became a doctor after seeing his mother very close to death. He saw that the doctors who helped her, were real heroes and he grew up wanting to be like them. He also shared the passion for singing with a golden voice that you’ll never forget. This is his story.