Have You Ever Seen A Horse Fart? Well, Prepare To Meet Hysterical Archy, The Farting Horse!

Horses are majestic creatures. They’re intelligent, beautiful, and incredibly helpful to mankind.

They also fart.

That’s right, everybody does it, even these grand steeds! And just like when your best friend passes wind in a quiet meeting, or someone lets one loose on your favorite show’s gag reel, horses passing gas is, frankly, pretty hilarious.

The video below features Archy at the Rocking Horse Ranch in El Cajon, California. At first glance, Archy is every inch the stately horse. He looks like he’s just a few minutes away from going onstage at a dressage show. But looks can be deceiving.

Archy walks around a bit, seemingly looking for something. Then, all of a sudden, Archy rolls onto his back and starts letting them rip! He seems positively gleeful in his flatulence!

After a couple good ones, it seems like Archy is done. Once again, Archy surprises viewers. He finds another likely looking spot in the pen and goes at it again! Poor guy, wonder what he ate the night before!

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