Ever Thought Of Turning Your Back To A Lion? This Video Shows Why You Are Crazy!

Cats are the picture of elegance and stealth fused and every cat owner with a bit of experience can tell you that if your kitty is poised to attack, turning your back to them is inviting trouble. Now, picture giving your back to a lion or a tiger? Nightmare fuel right? Well the folks at Big Cat  Rescue (the world’s sactuary dedicated to big cats exclusively) have put together a video showing just how eerily quickly these felines can switch between stalking mode to stand by!

You can clearly see that the trainer is very comfortable around the big cat and these felines, in turn, are quite familiarized with his presence. Even so,  you’ll be able to see all kinds of big cats go instantly into that well-known hunting position. You probably will feel your pulse quicken a bit! However, beath down the instinct to yell a warning at the screen, he is protected by a fence!

Since 1990, there have been many incidents involving these huge cats have resulted in 21 human deaths and 247 maulings, resulting in over 14 big cats being euthanized. This video makes the point that while these creatures are certainly majestic, they should never be considered pets!

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