Ever Wondered What you Would Do If You Found Your Pet Choking? Here’s How To Save Them Quickly!

Our pets are more than just creatures we bring to our homes; they’re extended family. For many of us, our pets could be just like our children or siblings and protectors. They’re very much part of the human clan as we consider our own human family.

However, we are so trained in thinking about what to do if a human is in trouble, we often neglect learning certain safety precautions or procedures that could be a matter of life and death for our pets.


If we see our fur babies in any kind of pain, our heart breaks a little, and we often feel helpless in easing their pain or knowing what to do. Did you know that choking is a common occurrence between pets? Here are a few simple steps in ensuring that something as horrible as choking could be a thing of the past for your pets.

Enter the Heimlich maneuver for pets. First, you use your fingers to sweep any debris from inside your dog’s mouth while looking inside to make sure if you can see anything lodged in the throat. Next, you place your hands on his tummy and start slowly but gently pushing up and down to force the object to be expelled.

Watch the video below to learn exactly how this procedure is done. Did you find this video useful? Do you think it will help you in the future?

Ever Wondered What you Would Do If You Found Your Pet Choking? Here\'s How To Save Them Quickly!