Have you ever wondered what instrument makes all those creepy horror movie sounds?

I used to watch a lot more horror movies when I was a kid than now. My mother used to tell me no to do it because, at times, I would wind up having nightmares which weren’t fun at all. For some reason, I still did it. Some of my friends and I would gather at someone’s house and hang out. We would take turns telling horror stories.

For some reason, I would end up telling very convincing stories myself. But then, I would have a tough time going back home. One of my other neighbors and I lived right next to each other. We would leave about the same time to go home, and he would ask me to walk him to his house because he was even more afraid than I was. Even though his house was only a few yards from mine, they felt like kilometers to me.

My mind would play tricks on me and before you knew it, I would start hearing sounds that had not been produced. Everything would be OK when I reached my home and all the anxiety would go away but getting there would always be the tough part. One time, when we were telling stories, we decided to play a prank on the neighbor that lived next to me.

We were telling the same stories and one of our friends would be hiding in the house and would start to make sounds. The sounds were like steps, windows opening and closing, and other things like that. It worked wonders, and my friend was more scared than ever. I remember he asked me to walk him home, but I told him I would stay a little longer this time.

It was a little late back then, and if he didn’t get home, he would probably have a problem with his mother. So, about 15 minutes after his request, I decided to leave. For some reason, I wasn’t afraid at all that evening. Maybe it was because I knew that all the ‘special effects’ were fabricated like in the horror movies I watched back then. I always thought that there was no such thing as ‘special effects’, that everything sounded real because it was.

That was until I saw the following video. This next video will show you what instrument they use to produce those sounds. And you won’t believe that all those sounds that we normally hear come from just one source. And the way the instrument looks does give you a little bit of the creeps. Check it out and you’ll see!