Farmer shares secret that keeps avocados from going bad

Don’t you hate when you cut an avocado and only use half and then put the other half in the fridge and it is brown the next day?  What is the best way to keep avocados from going brown? Well, watch because I have the solution on how to keep that avocado green and fresh for your guacamole or other foods you will need it for.

These days avocados have been turning out to be quite fashionable. There’s even a restaurant that specializes in everything avocado. The name is “Avocaderia” and it is located in Brooklyn. It advertises itself as the world’s first avocado bar. Their menu includes a wide array of raw ingredients. Their famous dishes are cooked using non-invasive cooking techniques such as “sous vide”. It brings a whole new experience to the table. According to their website, they have influences from many different cuisines; including the use of Pico de Gallo from Mexico, Shichimi from Japan, and Duqqa from Egypt.

And because avocados are a low-carb fruit that is packed with healthy fats and lots of nutrients, it is the food of choice for many cuisines and diets. Avocados are very healthy, they provide 10% daily value of folate (folic acid). This promotes healthy cell-growth and getting enough of it during pregnancy can prevent some birth defects. It contains naturally good fats. 6 grams per 50g serving of avocados. This is known to be important for normal growth and development of the central nervous system.

It also has 250 mg of potassium per serving. Potassium helps your body build muscle and break down carbohydrates. Thanks to the 11% of your daily dose of fiber it contains, it adds bulk to the diet. You feel full faster, so you avoid eating too much. And it also has only 80 calories per 50g serving.

People have become seriously obsessed with avocados. Have you tried the delicious guacamole? You can even prepare avocado toast, avocado smoothies, avocado salads and much more. Some people do go a little overboard, but who can blame them? Avocados are amazing.

With all these positive features there had to be something we would hate, right? There is. Their shelf life is pretty bad. Picking avocados is tricky. You will pick one up and it will be too hard to eat. You will wait a little longer and by the next day it will be turning brown and going bad. And that’s not counting that when you put the uneaten half of the avocado back in the fridge it won’t be edible next time.

I have tried several things for this and all sorts of containers but none of them seemed to work. I had given up when I saw this guy’s video. He shows in a few simple steps, how you can extend the life of your avocados past their normal shelf-life once they are cut. Grab a seat and get ready to be sent to avocado heaven!