Everly Brothers sing “Wake Up Little Susie” with vocals so tight!

Everly Brothers

The Ed Sullivan Show always invited the best musical talent to perform on its stage. This Southern sibling duo was featured multiple times on The Show, and the crowd couldn’t get enough of them.

Everly Brothers

The Everly Brothers are originally from South Carolina. They melt the hearts of anyone who sees and hears them sing. Ed Sullivan announces the brothers, and the crowd goes wild.

Both brothers strum their guitars as they sing “Wake Up Little Susie” in perfect harmony. They look dashing as they flash dazzling smiles to both the camera and the crowd.

These Southern boys embody the essence of Southern charm. Their smooth voices are music to anyone’s ears as they know just the right notes to hit to make you feel the beat.

The catchy song probably had the entire audience on their feet, dancing and swaying to the rhythm. Just try not to bop your head along or even full-out dance as you listen!

Everly Brothers

The lyrics are so easy to follow along you will find yourself singing this song after the video finishes. Even Ed Sullivan has a hard time being heard over the roar of the crowd when the song ends.

Ed Sullivan knows talent when he hears it. The Everly Brothers have that special something that makes you go weak in the knees and keeps your toes tapping all day long.

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