Every brilliant ‘Golden Girls’ Halloween costume moment across seasons

Halloween is almost here, and let me guess… you’re leaning towards dressing up as one of The Golden Girls, aren’t you? But the dilemma remains: how to get their iconic looks just right? You’re in luck, as we have a video clip from the Golden Girls archives that’s bound to inspire you.

Starting with the sophisticated Sophia Petrillo, as played by Estelle Getty. While she typically flaunted old-lady couture, the video showcases Sophia rocking a sassy drag queen look with a fiery red dress and heels.

However, you’d find her wearing frilly collars, timeless cardigans, and only the occasional ankle or wrist peeking out. And who could miss those distinctive clear plastic glasses? On the other hand, Betty White’s Rose Nylund is a delightful mix of business and playful.

The video clip amusingly captures her in an animal costume, but her everyday style is of a businesswoman. The ’80s demanded a structured look, and Rose nailed it every time. If you’re gearing up for a group costume, Rose’s endearing sweetness should be a highlight.

Next up, the elegant Dorothy Zbornak, brought to life by Bea Arthur. Our video clip showcases her in a hilariously over-the-top waiter’s outfit, pizza in hand & even as Cher. But ordinarily? It’s all about breezy, flowing layers for Dorothy. Linen, light cotton, satin, and occasionally, when feeling particularly fancy, a sequined frock was her go-to.

Lastly, the sultry Blanche Devereaux, played by the unforgettable Rue Mclanahan. Our video captures her striking cowboy avatar, but Blanche was all about turning heads on a regular day. Her outfits gravitated towards higher hemlines and snug fits. But remember, by The Golden Girls’ standards, ‘figure-hugging’ was still pretty modest.

The video and these insights are enough to get you in the Golden Girls spirit. So, why not share the clip with your friends? Reminiscing over The Golden Girls and their fabulous adventures is the perfect Halloween treat.

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Every brilliant \'Golden Girls\' Halloween costume moment across seasons