Every Day Her Dog Sneaked Out, But When Mom Discovered Where She Went, She Was In Tears! OMG!

Dixie is a mother of two adopted kids. When she saw little Danny, she wanted to bring him into her family as well. Doctors told her that he had developmental delays, but she decided to raise him up as her own. He could only speak fragmented sentences, his motor skills weren’t good, and he also struggled to be potty trained.

Dennie, their next door neighbor, trained search dogs. She was training a dog named Saki at the time. But to Dennie’s dismay, the dog would sneak out of the backyard every day. The woman soon found out that she would go across the street to meet Danny. When she first showed up on the family’s front porch, they weren’t sure what to think, but the Saki went to Danny like a magnet, and he took to her immediately.

From that time on, when the children were at home, Saki saw it as her mission to be with Danny, and the family started to see the positive effect Saki had on Danny. These interactions with Saki changed Danny’s life. He started speaking properly and he was potty trained.

Sadly, after Saki’s training was complete, she had to be sent back to the rescue organization. But what happened next will touch your heart! I’m not going to spoil it by telling you what happens, but get your tissues ready for your happy tears.

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