EVERY Day, A Group Of Cats Come Begging On His Door. What They Do? I Can’t Stop Laughing!

When cats want something, they make sure they get it no matter what. But sometimes, their methods can be a little over the top. Just take a look at the clip given below. These farm cats rally together on a daily basis and go up to their owner’s door for some treats. The moment the poor man opens the door? There is nothing but chaos!

You are going to be in hysterics when you see these little felines ask him for food! And according to him, this particular ritual happens EVERY DAY! He says that these cats live a happy life outside, keeping mice out of his house and barns. This is just a side-treat, and they get more food later on.

He says that this is the only way to silence the herd. There are about ten to twelve cats at this man’s door, and if you look closely, you will see that they are very well fed! They look healthy and happy, and they sure have a lot of energy to make a lot of noise.

They create quite a bit of chaos at the door, but not one of them tries to go inside. They know what’s coming if they just wait at the door and make a lot of noise. After a few seconds, he tosses some food out for them and all we hear is silence. And then some serious munching.

If this man doesn’t want mice in his barn, I’d say he’s mastered the magic formula for preventing them.

Watch this hilarious video below! Could you have dealt with that every day? Let us know in the comments!

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