Every night the dog stares at him until he falls asleep – The reason shocks him later.

Tales of dog rescues and dog adoptions have flooded the Internet. We have found out of dogs who have been rescued almost lifeless and brought back to health thanks to the loving hands of the shelter staff and the owner who adopts them. Just like one man in the United States. He lived by himself and felt he needed a dog for companionship. This man felt that he still had a lot of love to give and knew dogs at the shelter needed love.

So, one day he goes to the shelter to see what he can find. He tells the shelter staff about his current situation. He lives by himself in a medium-size house. He has a big yard with plants that he takes care of himself. He then tells the staff he is going to look around to see if he can find what he needs at the shelter. He was not looking for a puppy or a specific breed.

He was looking for an old spirit like him with whom he could share his life. At the end of the cages, he found a dog that he felt was the right fit for him. The dog was about 7 years old according to the staff. He had been rescued a few times but always ended up in the street. The dog’s hair was long and dirty when the staff found him, but he was given a bath as soon as he arrived.

The man got close to the cage and the dog seemed to come to life. That’s when he knew that this was the right dog for him. The man took the dog home and named the dog Stuart. Stuart felt right at home and became an important part of the man’s life. Thanks to this dog, his life had more purpose. When the man was asked by the staff a few weeks later how everything was going at the house, he said: “All I can tell you is I don’t know who rescued who.”

A man in China was looking for a dog for some of the same reasons. He wanted a companion and wanted to give a dog the best life possible. The dog had his own bed which was outside the man’s bedroom. After the first couple of days, the man had gone to sleep without even thinking of the dog. By the third day, he started noticing a strange thing that the dog would do at night.

The dog would stare at the owner until the owner fell asleep. He had no idea why and even played with the dog until the dog got tired to see if that would make the dog fall asleep faster at night, but it didn’t work. With many questions, the man went to visit the shelter to see if they had answers and was shocked at what he found out!