EVERY Single View Of This Incredible Video Earns One Pound Of Dog Food For A Shelter Dog In Need

Puppies truly are incredible. They can add a real sense of magic to our day to day lives.  People who have dogs live much longer, heathier lives than those who don’t. There’s something special about a dog that goes way beyond those heart melting puppy dog eyes and cute wet noses. We don’t’ fully understand all the positive ways they affect us.

You’ll see in this video that the film crew wanted to test out the above by taking a group of puppies to some nursing homes to visit the elderly as well as an elementary school to see some kids.

It wasn’t like any other day for these people. They brighten up the smiles of everyone in the room. The seniors at the nursing home were transformed and even the kids were overwhelmed to see these adorable dogs! Clearly, there IS something very special about our four-legged companions! Then the dogs are taken to a local gym. All of the people who were working out so hard are suddenly reduced to laughs and smiles. Some of them even stated that the pups helped out with stress and fatigue. So a puppy can make you feel even better than a workout routine at the gym!

Everyone who came in contact with these little cuties had a remarkable, positive time and a complete change of state. From little kids to grandparents to hardcore gym buffs, all were beaming from ear to ear when they got a hold of a puppy pal. We sure hope it gave you a good laugh and that you’ll share your comments and also share the clip with your family and friends.

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