EVERY Time This Clip Is Viewed One Pound Of Dog Food Goes To A Helpless Shelter

‘SoulPancake’ and ‘Puppy Chow’ are two companies who couldn’t wait to join hands to make this wonderful video. The best thing is…it was created in order to support a beautiful canine cause.

Some of the most adorable puppies we bet you’ve ever seen were let loose in unlikely places like a busy gym studio, a buzzing preschool of excited children, and a relaxing and cosy retirement home. And it is amazing how they managed to ‘positively charge’ the atmosphere still further…with their bucket loads of doggy electricity.

These eager to please pooches could hardly contain themselves when they saw their opportunity to throw a bit of love around! The reaction they got from everyone is truly heart-warming!

Everyone was filled with happiness and joy when they saw the tiny puppies running around. No one was exempt from the dogs’ charms. From pre-schoolers to seniors everyone who came into contact with those excitable bundles of fur had a huge smile on their face.

According to the people in the fitness suite, the puppies took away all their stress and helped them relax.  We reckon they took their breath away more than a treadmill would!

But that is not all. Puppy Chow is actually going to donate one pound of dog food to a shelter or a rescue in need for every view this video gets!

Watch this precious clip below! Feel free to share your thoughts about it in the comments section!

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