Every time he gets in a car for the first time, he places two pieces of duct tape on his seat. Here’s why

As soon as computer hackers started solving difficult problems using simple solutions, the word “hack” has reemerged. Nowadays the word “hack” is used to describe a simple solution that is often very cheap and very effective. Before the Internet, the only way to find out about these secret hacks was knowing someone who used them.

The chances of knowing someone with that unique way of thinking were very slim. The best we could hope for was knowing one person who knew how to solve a couple of problems. I remember the feeling of empowerment and wisdom you would get with learning about a secret way of doing things. I have many things to fix when I was in school and I wasn’t very good at it. Everything from keeping your backpack clean and organized to completing homework quickly. I needed a lot of help back then.

A lot has changed since those days and now we have learned about simple solutions to everyday problems. When it comes to owning a car, we find that it’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you can go anywhere you want at any time you feel like it. Along with maintenance and running costs, we get other situations that were not able to solve. Take for instance the everyday problem of knowing how deep you can get your vehicle inside the garage. The trick here is not damaging the fender or anything you have lying on the floor. If we are getting home with someone else, the answer is easy. Just ask the other person to kindly tell you when it’s time for you to hit the break. When you get home by yourself you must either ask for help or get out of your car every few inches

The guys in the following video came up with the perfect solution. Once your car is parked all the way in the garage, look for something on top of the car to tie a piece of string. Make sure the end of the string is touching the tip of your car’s hood. Tie a tennis ball using duct tape to that end and there you have it. The next time you’re coming into the driveway just wait until you hit the tennis ball. You can also watch for the string to move. No more guessing!

Next problem we all have: how to keep the cup holders in our cars clean. They are like magnets for dust, clips and unimportant things that we have a very difficult time getting out. If we really need to have them cleaned we must opt for the vacuum cleaner at home. Then, we must spend some extra minutes cleaning them.

These guys came up with another brilliant solution. Once your cup holders are clean, get some cupcake papers and place them inside the holders. Next, just place whatever you want back there again. Next time it gets cluttered, just take out the cupcake papers and throw them in your trash. Replace them with new ones and there you have it. I bet you hadn’t thought of that one. Do you want to see these life-hacks in action plus learn five extra ones?