EVERY Time He Sees His Owner Walk By, This Tiny Duckling Does THIS! You’ll Be In Hysterics!

Animals usually become very attached to someone who saves them. The case of the adorable little duckling given below is the same. This poor little guy was found abandoned by his rescuer. When the man brought the helpless stray duckling inside his house to look after it, he never thought it would turn into a game of catch. Perhaps he didn’t know that ducklings imprint on the first “being” they meet, which is usually the mother duck. But not in this case!

The adorable fluffy bird became very fond of his new owner in a really short time. He follows his rescuer everywhere he goes. Even with his tiny little legs, he just can’t help it! We can see that he is really enjoying his new life with his owner. His antics and his small chirps are going to steal your heart for sure!

The man who rescued the duck is trying to take a walk and decided to record the little ducklings reaction when he tries to leave. Obviously, he already knew what was going to happen. The duckling followed him outside, and then he followed him down the street, and then he started running.

What do you think happened when he started running? Oh yes, the duckling ran too! And he is just chirping to beat the band. It’s so adorable.

Watch this cute video below! Isn’t that duckling adorable? How did you feel watching this video? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section!

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