Every time he wants to get in the house, that cat does this! You won’t believe it! OMG!

There’s a lot of proof all over the internet that animals possess a high level of intelligence. Though their intelligence isn’t linear and consistent, science proves that it in deed exists. We have all at least once seen animals do things that weren’t quite expected of us. Actions that blew our minds. That’s what exactly happened when I watched this video and there are high chances you will too. It’s quite the exception rather than the norm and it’s totally worth your forty-five seconds.

The video below was recorded by Patrick Dougherty, the owner of the smart and witty cat. Once in a while, it is expected that you may lock your cat or pet outside the house. If not so, they know the way around your house all too well that they cheekily leave it without your knowledge. His cat, Bruno knows how to get Patrick to open the door should he be locked out. What he does is quite a no-brainer: he rings the bell. But how many cats will resort to loud incessant meows in such a situation? How many cats will throw tantrums and unleash that high pitched shrill? Your guess is as good as mine: most. Yet to Bruno, it has become second nature.

Bruno leaps onto a little ledge under the window and then rings the bell by rubbing his cute face against the knob. He waits a few seconds and rings it again just like humans do. And he is patient while at it. After his owner opens the door, this big ginger cat walks in without so much as a care in the world. More, astounding is that he only does this when he knows his parents aren’t sleeping- how respectful. For this, he doesn’t sleep out so they don’t have to fret about a ringing bell late into the night.

With well over 3 million views on YouTube, you surely have to watch and share this widely with friends and family. Let us know what you think about it in the comments section.