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Animals really help show us a lot about ourselves. They show us things we may forget, like unconditional love. We help teach each other, we help each other grow further than we could have imagined alone! These furry co-pilots aim to love and be loved. The most powerful feelings or deepest sense of connection we have. All we have to do is love and be loved in return.

The reason for this cuddly precious study is as it states: “Can Puppies Cure Boredom?” Throughout our everyday lives, no matter where we go, we have jobs. We have responsibilities and routines that sadly, don’t always include precious huggable welsh corgi puppies. For many us who don’t work with animals, we don’t always get interjections of furry friends put into our lives spontaneously. But if we did? The results would be the same as seen here.

From school, filled to the brim with the future scholars of tomorrow. The precious youth we work so hard to cultivate and pass the baton. The sponges of everything sensory around them- children. I remember parts of school, and on days there was an animal involved- I sure paid attention! When they introduce these loving little fur-covered ladies and gentlemen into a classroom, the vote is unanimous! Not only did these precious little gifts cure boredom- they spurred excitement! As you can clearly see from these elated children’s faces.

To the retirement home, where the hard-working no nonsense American people rest easy knowing they have left their legacy on the world. They worked hard to pave the way for the next generation. To keep America going and great! Once introduced, these lick-happy puppies give them another reason to be excited the joy of a young, innocent baby, giving you unconditional love! The comfort of a loving baby pup can melt away sadness and overfill you with joy!

To the gym, where we all bond through shared activity, where we work on our health. Where we push ourselves to be the best! Leaner, fitter, stronger- all to be the best us we can be! Even in this high energy, high endorphin environment, even the hardest, toughest, and strongest can succumb to the loving lapping of a thrilled new fur-covered baby. “I just feel so happy,” one woman claims.

So clearly, being surprised with adorably precious baby puppies will boost your mood! Puppies certainly can cure boredom, because they have so much love and joy to give and bring. What were your thoughts? What type of puppy would you want to be surprised with? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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