Everybody Was Shocked When Those Kids Interrupted The Wedding. Just Watch What Happened Next! OMG!

Shannon and Rick are getting married. The wedding service is at St. John’s Church in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. It is a serious ceremony with family and friends in attendance. The bride is being led down the aisle to echoes of congratulation all along the way. Soon she joins arms with the bridegroom and off they head to the altar. The flower girls are looking good in matching turquoise dresses all in a row.

What? A boy has just stood up and he’s chanting something. Is he heckling Shannon and Rick? What’s going on?

A girl next to him now stands up and they are singing together. Kids are popping up all over the church and they are repeating the same phrases, or verses, or whatever. This has got to be a prank!

Now, five more kids storm the church door from outside and, dressed like restaurant guitar players, they are about to make a ruckus! This is getting out of control, but at the same time the folks in attendance do not seem to mind at all. They look around wide-eyed and rather enjoy what’s going on. In other words, they are behaving like kids themselves… and then, almost as quick as it started, they are leaving, led by the restaurant guitar players out the door. Phew!

Alright, it’s time for Shannon to come clean: she ordered this flash mob, the kids were all music students from The Music Depot. The wedding ceremony that was turning dreary has become super cheerful, rowdy and spirited. Good job, Shannon!