This Old Advert from 1987 Is My Idea of Christmas. Go Ahead, Call Me Old-Fashioned

This Christmas, it will be 31 years since the Budweiser Clydesdales trotted into our lives with this iconic commercial.

This is the type of Christmas I recall as a child growing up. Being with family and enjoying each other’s company around a warm fire, drinking hot chocolate, and telling Christmas wishes. Those were the days,

This is surely the best Christmas nostalgia ever. It has it all. Really beautiful houses, blissful snow, a warm cottage with warm candlelit windows. That bridge. The couple out on a snow walk, maybe off to by presents or visit neighbors?

The Clydesdale’s pulling the spruce trees freshly cut from the forests. I get tremendous warmth from this advert. And it doesn’t feel like an ad because it’s pure and timeless.

This video was filmed during a time in America when there were no cell phone cameras. Digital cameras were also rare. So these horses were able to make their trek without someone posting a photo on Instagram: “OMG! Look at these horses!” That’s why it also resonates with me – it takes me back to a simpler time. Even though those ‘simpler’ times.

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