Everyday This Dog Roams Around A Nursing Home. When I Saw Why, I Was Completely Speechless!

Nala, an adorable teacup poodle, works wonders on nursing home residents and has since the first day she arrived. She never had any training as a therapy dog, but what she does for the residents is really no less than a miracle. Nala belongs to Dr. Doug Dawson who works at the nursing home.

One day, Dr. Dawson took his dog Nala to work at the nursing home in Minnesota. And from that very day, Nala became the angel for everyone there. All of the residents just loved her and couldn’t get enough of her. She got on the job training as a therapy dog, I guess. She’s a natural with her calm disposition and loving way about her.

Nala starts her day early, and visits everyone in the nursing home one by one. She makes her own schedule throughout the day and even rides the elevator by herself. Everybody knows her now, so no one is surprised when they run into her without her owner. She mostly chooses the residents who need her the most and jumps on their lap and snuggles.

What better therapy is there than snuggles from a cute, warm, fuzzy dog? I can’t think of anything better. The residents really appreciate and love her, and that’s all the reward she needs after a long day at work. I hope I can be half as good at my job as she is at hers some day.

Watch this little cutie prescribing love to these nursing home residents. And tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.

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